Precisgal: at the forefront in industrial solutions

Precisgal Group has been providing customized solutions to its customers on five continents since 1978. Specializing in design-engineering, manufacturing and automation, its more than 250 employees serve industries such as automotive, aeronautics and metal packaging.

In its more than 40 years of history, Precisgal has maintained a constant philosophy of continuous investment in the most cutting-edge production and software means, allowing a high level of specialization and covering the entire value chain, from design to commissioning of all types of tools and special machines.

Over the years, the Group has specialized in design-engineering, manufacturing and automation of complex projects, manufacturing of unitary and serial parts to drawing, manufacturing of tools and equipment and other products, of which more than 50% is destined for export to countries in the five continents.

With a staff of nearly 250 professionals, Precisgal performs its functions in facilities equipped with the latest technologies. To the current facilities, which together total more than 20,000m2, will soon be added our most modern manufacturing plant with a surface area of more than 22,000m2.

Six companies in the same group to multiply results

  • Precisgal Utillaje: focused on the manufacture by machining of high-precision parts and tooling in steels and special alloys.
  • Precisgal Componentes: dedicated to the mass production of components, it was created in 1998 to take on large series of machined parts.
  • Mecanizados Atlántida: designs, builds, assembles, programs and commissions production and assembly lines and special machines.
  • Decuna: has more than 20 years of experience in the development of automation, traceability, programming and robotics through solutions, products, technology and services for industrial processes.
  • Comegal: dedicated to the manufacture by machining of parts and special tooling.
  • Precisgal Group: specialized in the design, development of reverse engineering, fine-tuning and optimization of processes and turnkey projects.

Why have you decided to bet again for Mindtech in its second edition?

As Vigo is one of the main industrial centers of the peninsula, we believe that this is a good opportunity to show the strengths, often unknown, of this industrial pole.

In our case it is also worth mentioning the success of the visits we had in the previous edition, being an excellent opportunity to get in touch with potential customers and suppliers.

What will you bring to Mindtech 2021?

Our close service and ad hoc solutions, which is our great added value due to our adaptability to the needs of our customers.

What is the added value for your company when participating in this fair?

The main added value of this participation lies in being able to make ourselves known to potential customers and partners, many of them very close geographically but unaware of our activity, which prevents a safe generation of synergies.

It is curious that with production capacities such as those of our business group, many potential clients/collaborators look outside Spain for solutions that we can offer with total guarantee, simply because they are unaware of our industrial profile.

Mindtech is an excellent meeting point that facilitates this approach and ‘discovery’ both nationally and internationally.

How do you see the economic recovery of the sector in the new scenario imposed by COVID-19?

The recovery has been slower than expected, since COVID-19 has hit the industry very hard and especially, as in our case, the automotive and aeronautics industries. We are coming from a difficult situation marked by uncertainty, which has slowed down and even paralyzed investments that were certain at the end of 2019.

In any case, we are optimistic about the future and we believe that, with good business management, we will be fully guaranteed to reach the recovery of the markets, a recovery that we expect for 2,022.

We are facing a new scenario strongly marked by technology and industry 4.0; fortunately both are part of our business philosophy, so we believe we are very well positioned to face the new market challenges.

We believe that throughout 2.022 the metal industry will have a strong increase in demand, especially in the automotive sector, as for the aeronautical sector we believe that the recovery will be slower for obvious reasons. In any case, as we have done so far, we will know how to adapt to new needs and requirements from our customers and the markets.

Visit Precisgal’s stand at Mindtech 2021: D19

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