Mindtech Awards

The Mindtech Awards recognise the best business and innovation projects and initiatives to address current industry challenges.

The Mindtech Awards recognise the most outstanding organisations and companies for their work in areas such as innovation, 4.0 technology, circular economy, mobility and CSR. The Mindtech Awards have their third call for entries open until 12 May. Any company or entity can apply, without the need to be an exhibitor at the fair, and they are open to entries from any country.

Innovation Award

Prize for the best trajectory linked to innovation.

4.0 Award

Award for the promotion and implementation of 4.0 technologies within its activity or sector.

CSR Award

Award to the organization that supports the development of a comprehensive and permanent CSR policy.

Circular Economy Award

Award to the outstanding entity in the optimization of the life cycle of resources, from eco-design to reduction, recycling, repair and reuse.

Mobility Award

Prize for an initiative promoting disruptive change within the field of mobility.

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2021 Award-winning Companies

Industry 4.0: Senseye, United Kingdom. Company based in Southampton, UK, awarded for its scalable predictive maintenance solution.

Circular economy: VERSA Real Projects, Vigo. Galician spin-off of Soltec Ingenieros, awarded for its modular constructions from shipping containers for commercial applications, allowing the reuse of elements in industries that favor the circular economy.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Grupo Davila, Vigo. Awarded for its actions at educational, social and environmental level, with people with intellectual disabilities, labor integration for vulnerable groups, environmental protection and cleanup or promotion of equality in the field of sports.

Innovation: Congalsa, A Pobra do Caramiñal. Awarded for its connected industry project and for leading industry 4.0 in the Galician food sector, developing a smart factory model that allows digitization, data analysis, cybersecurity and eco-sustainability.

Mobility: Digamel, Vigo. Electric distribution company, awarded for its new Digavel division, which promotes the implementation of electric vehicle charging networks in different buildings, public institutions, hotels, gas stations… a global turnkey solution to promote electric mobility.

Startup: Two companies have been awarded, TripleAlpha, Padrón and UARX Space, Nigrán.

TripleAlpha, Padrón. Founded in February 2018, it sustains its activity on three fundamental pillars: Data Science, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing. Its central axis is the extraction of value from data through its own Machine Learning platform, AlphaCloud, with which they extract value from data by transforming it into knowledge, always with the aim of improving the productivity and profitability of its customers quickly and sustainably.

UARX Space, Nigrán. A small, R&D&I intensive company, it is dedicated to the design of space missions and the manufacture of transport satellites that allow sending small satellites to unconventional orbits, from low earth orbits to deep space.


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