Mindtech Fair Promotion and Networking Event

25 de April de 2023

Asime, in collaboration with AEMinho, will be holding a promotional and business networking event for the Mindtech international trade fair, which will take place on Friday 5 May at 11:30 am at the Hotel Meliá in Braga, Portugal.

In each edition, the fair brings together all the metal industry and its associated technologies, with leading activities including automotive, aeronautics, metalworking, metal structures, moulds, machinery, renewable energies, new technologies, supplies, engineering and much more. This edition, which will be held from 20 to 22 June in Vigo, is expected to bring together more than 200 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors.

Mindtech is an event of special relevance to continue working on the excellent cooperation that already exists between Galician and Portuguese companies. With the aim of presenting all the details about this fair in a brief presentation event that will culminate with a networking cocktail.

All information about Mindtech can be found here: www.mindtechvigo.com