Hexonic: experts for heat exchangers in industrial plants

7 de September de 2023

In this interview for Global Industry magazine, Marek Domaradzki, Business Development Manager at Polish company Hexonic, talks about his time at Mindtech23 and what Hexonic has to offer the industry.

How did Hexonic come into being and what is its core business?

Hexonic is a global company with a broad presence serving customers all over the world. With a strong international reach, Hexonic has established a presence in more than 60 countries. This market coverage allows Hexonic to connect with a wide range of customers and to offer its products and services to a wide range of industries and sectors.

“Trade fairs like Mindtech provide a platform to open up new international markets”.

What attracted you most to the Mindtech Fair and what made you decide to participate as an exhibitor?

Participating in Mindtech was a great opportunity for our company because it was able to help us increase our customer base. Trade fairs like Mindtech provide a platform for companies to showcase our products or services, connect with potential customers and explore new markets. By participating in the fair, it helped to increase the visibility of our brand, which will help us to generate leads and establish valuable business relationships.

You are based in Poland, but which markets are you mainly active in?

Hexonic’s operations span the globe, underscoring our commitment to establishing a strong presence in diverse markets. With a dynamic and forward-looking approach, Hexonic recognises the unique opportunities presented by each market and actively seeks ways to expand its sales.

How do heat exchangers help organisations become more efficient? Is there a big demand in this market?

Hexonic heat exchangers not only improve production efficiency, they also contribute significantly to reducing the carbon footprint. These solutions are designed to optimise heat transfer processes, resulting in better energy utilisation and improved operational performance.

Commitment, creativity and flexibility are your main corporate values, how do you apply them in your projects?

We are committed to designing the most efficient heat exchange solutions. With this approach, we are sure to provide our customers with optimal service at all times, offering high quality products and structural solutions.