AsorCAD: the next level of 3d scanning for industry

12 de July de 2021

AsorCAD Engineering was founded in 2006 to offer 3D scanning, reverse engineering and metrology services for the design, manufacturing and quality control of products in all types of sectors. Since then it has become a reference as an expert company in 3D technologies in Spain. Currently it also offers 3D printing services for professionals and advises companies on the implementation of 3D solutions in production processes.

At Mindtech they will present their catalog of services, which includes comprehensive engineering and the import and distribution of high-precision 3D scanners from the Canadian company Creaform, and 3D printing machines from Maketbot, Smart 3d and Stratasys. They also offer training in Geomagic 3d Systems, Solidworks and Exactflat software.

They have clients that cover all types of sectors, from Manufacturing, Orthopedics, Art and Heritage, Nautical and Aeronautical, Prototyping, Industrial Maintenance, Multimedia, etc.

Why have you chosen Mindtech in its second edition?

It seems interesting to us to introduce our products and services to an area of Spain with great projection in the Naval sector.

Our scanners are portable and are very effective to work in the same production plant, as it could be a shipyard or an industrial building. We believe that we can provide very interesting solutions for this sector, as we have already done in other areas of Spain.

What novelties will you present at Mindtech 2021?

At the fair we will present the HandySCAN Black 3D laser scanner, with a measurement speed of 1,300,000 measurements per second and an accuracy of 0.025 mm. Capable of scanning anywhere without the speed of measurements or accuracy being altered by variations in the environment. It is the most practical and useful scanner on the market for demanding shop-floor quality control work.

What is the added value for AsorCAD in participating in this trade fair?

We hope that our presence at the fair will give us more visibility in the North-West of Spain and that we will be able to show our technology to as many companies as possible during our participation.

How do you see the year 2021-2022 for the metal industry in Spain in particular and in the Iberian Pole in general?

After the generalized crisis, we see that the recovery is being slow, however, with great expectations of improvement throughout the remainder of the year and a complete reactivation during 2022.

We believe that this recovery will be driven, above all, by the interest shown by companies in new technologies, in response to the need for growth by looking at the quality of their products. We see that the interest shown by managers is now aimed at improving the quality of their offer, without forgetting profitability.

Visit AsorCAD at its stand C10.