5 opportunities for a post-covid trade fair

18 de March de 2021

The arrival of Covid-19 completely paralyzed commercial activity in terms of trade fairs and events. This had a strong impact on all sectors, especially on the metal industry and its associated technologies, which is a strongly internationalized industry worldwide, very used to establish business relationships on a one-to-one basis in this type of events.

The year 2021 offers us the opportunity to resume this commercial activity, which will be key to consolidate the recovery of our companies and the industry as a whole. Although we are doomed to live with the virus for a while, the advances in vaccination and the establishment of exhaustive protocols, allow us to resume again these events that will begin to be held physically from May onwards.

Mindtech will be one of the fairs that will not give up its presence and will bet strongly to fill the Ifevi venue again, even exceeding the figures of the first edition, because although the experience will be different, the participation in a fair of this type in this post-pandemic moment also offers us the opportunity to take advantage of it in a different way:

1. Regain visibility after the covid-19 standstill

Many of the companies in the sector have been forced into a period of certain “hibernation”, in which existing contracts have been used in an attitude of “holding on” rather than expansion. Participating in a trade show such as Mindtech offers you the opportunity to give visibility to your company in a professional environment with potential customers with whom to expand your order book, directly impacting the recovery of your company.

2. A closer experience

This year, participation in trade fairs, both for exhibitors and visitors, will be different. The established protocols will be followed in terms of seating, masks and distancing to avoid crowds, but this also makes the trade show experience much closer.

You probably remember a fair where you had so many people visiting your booth that you could not attend them with the dedication you would like. Well, this year the flow of visitors and meetings will be much more staggered, so you will have more time to deal with your customers, who will not be less, they will simply come more homogeneously during the fair reserving hours or direct meetings with you. You will therefore have the opportunity to establish more careful business relationships that can foreseeably result in higher returns when it comes to closing contracts and customers.

3. A more specialized visitor

We have seen it during these months with the meetings and we will probably experience it with the professional fairs. Covid-19 has made us rationalize our efforts at the business level; now meetings and face-to-face visits are selected with more criteria, reserving face-to-face attendance for the most important contacts, thus avoiding unnecessary travel. This is a trend that is expected to continue in the professional sphere, also to reduce costs and boost team productivity.

This new trend means that the professionals who attend the fair in person and come to your stand will be, more than ever, potential customers and professionals who are really interested in the sector. This is an excellent opportunity to concentrate your efforts on companies and visitors that can generate a greater return.

4. Physical and digital, hand in hand to boost results

Holding an in-person trade show does not mean renouncing the benefits of the digital environment. Mindtech will take full advantage of both formats. Although the meeting will be eminently face-to-face, there will also be a hybrid part in which the fair will be virtualized, especially for those customers from third countries who, due to their health situation or specific restrictions, cannot travel, and for those visitors who perhaps do not know if the environment fits them to travel in person, but want to take a look at your booth and make an appointment with you virtually. This way, you can make the most of your booth at the fair, giving it physical and digital visibility, broadcasting for example the activities from your booth or giving the possibility of arranging meetings virtually from the fair.

5. Learn about the competition and the latest developments in the industry up close.

In these months in which we have reduced contacts, we have also lost the advantages of taking the pulse of the competition and keeping abreast of the latest developments in the sector, something that allows us to enhance our own competitiveness. At Mindtech you will have the opportunity to chat with other companies in the industry to share visions and experiences and you will be able to discover the latest developments from expert speakers during the Mindtech International Conference.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give visibility to your company in a specialized environment such as Mindtech, book your stand now!