Workshop Mobility of the future

15 sept. 16:30 to 18:00h

Mindtech Business Area




Justo Sierra |
Justo Sierra |President, Mindtech
Xosé Lago |
Xosé Lago |Secretary of the Euroregion Galicia-North Portugal AECT

Round table | Future Mobility Paradigms


Laudelino Laiz |
Laudelino Laiz |Innovation Manager at Stellantis

Megatrends and Challenges in mobility under the perspective of an OEM/service provider

We are experiencing a very rapid mutation in the world around us, with major changes in society and profound transformation processes in the automotive sector that have already begun and are irreversible. These dramatic changes represent risks but also opportunities, in a landscape where new mobility models and the changing mindset of new generations of users are at the center of the board. Hyperconnectivity, the digitalization of products and processes and the importance of the user experience, all in an increasingly complex technological context, are some of the drivers that will move this sector in the coming years.

Carlos Bergera Serrano |
Carlos Bergera Serrano |Head of external relations smart mobility, iberdrola

Smart mobility: the transition to sustainable mobility.

The Mobility of the near future requires a new value chain to be established and developed in which new mobility operators are already setting new roles through alliances and agreements with traditional transport sector and OEMs companies. Renewable energy and smart charging solutions for electric vehicles are becoming critical for the mass deployment of the new mobility.

Eduardo Carrillo de Albornoz |
Eduardo Carrillo de Albornoz |Strategy & Business Development Director, Boeing

New forms of transportation

Íñigo Azcona |
Íñigo Azcona |Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal Irizar e-mobility

Disruptive technology in transportation

  • Colloquium Debate



Enrique Mallón |
Enrique Mallón |General Manager, Mindtech
David Regades |
David Regades |Vigo Free Trade Zone Delegate
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