The offshore energy breaks records

3 de July de 2020

Wind energy has a great future, also when it is produced over the sea. The data show that in 2019 the offshore wind industry recorded a record growth, increasing its installed capacity by 35.5% from 4.5 to 6.1 Gigawatts, according to last year’s data published by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

This segment of wind power generation totals 29 Gigawatts, after one in ten new wind power facilities built during 2919 were installed offshore.

In this area, Europe was the largest emerging market that year, with 59% of new offshore installations, although, by country, China topped the ranking, with a total of 2,395 Megawatts; followed by the United Kingdom (1,764 MW), Germany (1,111 MW), Denmark (374 MW), Belgium (370 MW) and Taiwan (120 MW), followed by Portugal and Japan, with 8 and 3 MW, respectively.

The increase will accelerate

Likewise, the forecasts of the world organization of the sector indicate that the number of this type of installations will accelerate in the next few years to reach 50 new Megawatts installed in the year 2024 thanks, above all, to important projects planned for the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and South Korea.