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Tecnam: flying higher and higher

11 de April de 2022

Tecnam, an Italian aircraft manufacturer since 1948. Its area of speciality is the manufacture of parts for other aircraft manufacturers and the production of its own range of light aircraft. It has more than 4,500 aeroplanes operating worldwide and more than 60 distributors.

What is your assessment of Tecnam’s participation in this edition of Mindtech?

We are very happy to have participated for the first time in this edition. We believe that there is a very interesting audience to teach and educate the local market about the services, features and the wide range that Tecnam has worldwide.

What were the main innovations that Tecnam presented at the forum?

Tecnam has presented the only aircraft in the venue. This aircraft is the ASTORE model. The Tecnam Astore is an Italian light sport aircraft. It was first launched in early June 2013 and was presented at the AERO Friedrichshafen show in 2013. This design bears the same name as the first aircraft that the Pascales brothers designed and launched in 1948. We have then presented the wide range of more than 33 models through our catalogues and marketing material, which are adapted to any need of our future customers.

How has the pandemic affected you and what do you expect from this new post-Covid-19 phase?

The truth is that the pandemic affected us very little in relation to other companies, given that Tecnam is a private company with its own funds, which does not manufacture stock, but rather orders are made to order from our customers and we were lucky that our customers responded perfectly to the delivery we had agreed with them at this difficult time the world is going through. This new stage post-Covid-19, taught us to develop a much more strategic plan and to design a much more aggressive forecast, in order to achieve the objectives we set ourselves globally.

And what are the main future challenges you face?

The future challenges are the new models we will launch this year and we will also continue to develop with our strategic partners different designs to keep up with the latest trends in aviation.

What are the values that have guided the company to position it in the sector?

Our company values are: effort, dedication, transparency, professionalism, quality and innovation.

And how do you assess the work carried out by Asime?

Very helpful and professional from the very first minute.