Serveo: integrated solutions for industry

22 de February de 2023

Serveo, previously known as Ferrovial Services, has entered a new phase following the entry of a new shareholder: Portobello Capital. A new chapter in which the name has been changed, but in which it continues to maintain the same essence through the management of strategic assets in five essential sectors; industry, Facility Management, health, energy, and transport, responding to a sustainable and balanced business model with the aim of improving the quality of life of citizens. A transversal integrator of services that promotes the sustainable development of society through efficient, flexible and safe solutions.

More than 27,000 people work every day to offer innovative and intelligent solutions for the specialised sectors of transport, industry, health, facility management and energy.

Serveo Industry

The Serveo Industry division has a workforce of more than 3,000 engineers and specialised technicians, carrying out maintenance of buildings and industrial facilities and production lines, energy services, precision logistics, comprehensive maintenance and operation of data centres and auxiliary works and services in more than 100 factories throughout Spain and more than 20 million m2 maintained.

Why have you decided to support Mindtech in its third edition in 2023?

Mindtech has become for Serveo Industria the perfect forum to show all our capabilities to customers and partners in the Industrial Sector and specifically in the area of Galicia and surroundings.

As a specialised industrial maintenance company, we have developed different lines of business that provide added value to our customers throughout their production chain, production and logistics process intelligence, additive manufacturing or automation and robotics projects, among other lines of work.

What is the added value for your company when participating in this fair?

As we mentioned before, the added value for Serveo Industria is to be able to show our capabilities to potential partners and customers, as well as to know first-hand the market trends, focused on industrial safety, innovation and technology, and to connect with potential customers and partners.

What innovations will you be presenting at Mindtech 2023?

  • iPro, Intelligent last-mile customised precision logistics processes for industrial customers, ranging from parts manufacturing as services (e.g. battery box parts for electric vehicles) to assemblies (e.g. assembly of bumpers in sequence for automotive factories). These processes are services in proximity to the end customer with a tailor-made IT and engineering solution.
  • XperRobot, Automation and Robotics projects, where we control all the phases of a project thanks to our own engineering. This allows us to study projects of any type, both those with customer specifications and those that require an automation solution for a production or logistics process that we develop together with our customers.
  • Xper3D, our Additive Manufacturing division of Serveo Industria, with more than 7 years of experience in design, manufacturing and experimentation for the optimisation of services. Experts dedicated to process innovation, for which we use different additive manufacturing technologies, including HP’s Multi Jet Fusion, to create customised solutions for the multitude of industrial customers, who often require all kinds of customised parts.
  • XperSafety is a solution using cameras installed in industrial areas with a high accident rate or risk, which, through Artificial Intelligence software, is able to identify risky behaviour or situations, so that, after analysis, corrective actions can be implemented to create safer environments.

How do you face recovery/reactivation in the current context of lack of raw materials, rising costs of supplies and energy, etc.?

We are in a scenario of maximum uncertainty due to the lack of raw materials, the rising cost of labour and energy, but also with the unknown of what the mobility scheme will be in the future, and our way of dealing with this is to invest as much as circumstances allow us in everything that will make us more competitive and provide an even more differentiated service in everything that has to do with last mile industrial processes. Currently, we have several projects such as the geolocation of means and the digital twin to improve processes, the reduction of paper in all our services and also, to try to alleviate the energy price rises, we have opted for the domotisation of our facilities to ensure that there is no over-expenditure, just as we are implementing solar panels in the warehouses, also orienting ourselves towards green energy.

What do you think is the differential value of the metal industry and its associated technologies in the Iberian Pole in particular?

The metal industry is one of the benchmark industries in the Iberian Peninsula, to which Serveo has always been linked by the automotive industry, and even more so in the last 4 years, since, in addition to the precision and quality logistics services provided, it has increased its portfolio of services to take a step further towards the mass production of aluminium, steel and titanium parts for the automotive industry and machine maintenance in the aeronautical sector with a dedicated centre in the area of Porriño in Galicia. Serveo also has 3D printing equipment also associated with the metal industry.