Rodicut: specialising in compact polyurethane since 1983

7 de September de 2023

In this interview with Global Industry magazine, María del Mar Pereira, Marketing Manager at Rodicut, reviews Mindtech23 and all the new products and services on show at the leading industrial trade fair.

What’s new at this year’s Mindtech?

We have participated in all the editions and we consider it very important to continue supporting this fair. It is an industrial event of reference in the region and attracts visitors from all over the Iberian Peninsula and increasingly from other countries, making it a very important meeting point for the industry.

At our stand we show a wide range of parts produced by Rodicut, in compact polyurethane, a material with excellent mechanical performance in terms of cutting support, abrasion, tearing, elasticity and with a wide range of hardnesses. For example, we show parts for use in rock quarries, supporting the passage of the diamond wire. Also other consumable parts such as interchangeable idlers, guide pulleys, buffers, anti-crushing wheels, coatings on metals, etc. Many formats and multiple examples of applications. As a novelty, we brought a new product: fibreglass, which is a material that is currently widely used in many industrial products.

What did you get out of this meeting and how do you value this type of sectoral event?

We have strengthened the knowledge of our company and the capabilities of our compact polyurethane products which have applications in a wide range of industrial sectors. For many years we have been growing a lot in the international markets, but perhaps we are less known locally, so this is the opportunity with Mindtech in Vigo.. Participation in sectoral events helps to reinforce the brand image, create interaction with visitors and other exhibitors, and learn about the latest developments in the industrial fabric.. A lot of information is collected in a short time. All this helps to gain market presence and market share.

“We brought a new product to Mindtech: fibreglass, which is a very popular material nowadays”.

They have been on the market for 40 years. What has this evolution been like and what milestones would you highlight?

The evolution has been very intense, from the company’s beginnings in 1983 as a small family business and the manufacture of rotary die-cutting tools for the cardboard packaging industry in Spain. As early as the 1980s, progress was made with the production of compact polyurethane parts for the same industrial field, which is still our main sector today. Today Rodicut has the support of a consolidated industrial group, EOS Group SAS, of French-Spanish origin, which has been expanding with the creation and acquisition of companies on three continents.

How important is sustainability and research at Rodicut?

One of our greatest challenges is the manufacture of products with a low environmental impact, including the use of raw materials that are more free of harmful effects, as has been the case with our MbocaFree brand. Also to achieve more durable products to extend their life cycle. At the same time we are working on recycling possibilities for the waste of the used product. Our aim would be to be able to collect used products from any customer in the world for recycling. There is still a long way to go and an exciting future ahead.

And what are their expectations within and beyond our borders?

We want to continue to develop new products, we have already obtained patents on several innovations and more are on the way. Our presence outside our borders is already very relevant, today we have an export quota of 90% with a network of agents and distributors with great technical support covering more than 70 countries. There we want to further strengthen our international and local presence and diversify our products to many industrial sectors.