Rodavigo: a B2B portal for industrial supplies

26 de August de 2021

Rodavigo was founded in 1985 for the marketing and distribution of industrial supplies. Since then, it has established itself internationally thanks to its continuous commitment to innovation, technology and the specialization of its professional team. They work with customers in more than 90 countries and have more than 3 million references on their website, a database that is constantly updated with prices, stocks, photographs, 3D images, technical characteristics and documentation. Their team is made up of more than 60 people.

Why did you choose Mindtech for its second edition?

The results obtained in the first edition of Mindtech have pushed us to participate again this time. The organization of the event, the number of participating companies and the communication that is generated between professionals from different sectors is enriching, as well as providing visibility and contacts.

What novelties will you present at Mindtech 2021?

Our goal is to raise awareness of our B2B platform. And to do so, we want to present as novelties the different technical advances that we have applied to our website that facilitate, more and more, the exchange of information. How processes are automated so that both customers and suppliers can work with us in a direct, simple and efficient way. And, most importantly, how this translates into business generation.

What is the added value for your company in participating in this fair?

Our added value is the visibility that our B2B platform provides to the industrial sector both locally, nationally and internationally. The organic positioning we achieve in search engines is within the reach of very few, as well as the large database that we make available to everyone online and in real time.

How are you facing the recovery/reactivation in the new scenario imposed by COVID-19?

We have a positive outlook for the year 2021-2022. The consequences of COVID-19 in the metal industry are evident, as they are in many other labor sectors and in society in general, but we have been able to adapt and have worked constantly to overcome the adversities.

Today we have a year and a half more experience to face such complicated situations, and although it is difficult to make predictions, we are confident that little by little we will be able to recover our normality. Both in Spain and in the Iberian Pole in general, we have a strong industrial fabric. We are confident that we will continue to make progress.