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Robotnik: Industrial robotics in the service of industry

19 de April de 2022

Robotnik, a company founded in 2002, designs, manufactures and markets robots and mobile manipulators. They are currently a reference in mobile robotics in the world and leaders in Europe.

What innovations did Robotnik present at the Mindtech fair?

We are leaders in mobile robotics and at Mindtech we presented our mobile manipulator RB-KAIROS+, designed for plug and play integration of Universal Robots e-Series arms. This allows for unlimited expansion of the robot’s workspace, as the collaborative mobile manipulator can work in different locations and share the workspace with people without any risk. RB-KAIROS+ is extremely useful for industrial applications such as pick and place, parts feeding, metrology, quality control, screwdriving of large parts, packaging, cleaning, polishing, screwdriving, drilling…

How do you rate the fair?

Mindtech is a good forum for finding out about the main new developments in the metal and related industries, both nationally and internationally. For a product like ours, it is important for potential customers to see the robot in action, so that they can assess its capabilities and usefulness in an industrial environment.

What are the trends in robotics in Spain?

The pandemic situation has helped to automate and make many production processes more flexible, making companies fully competitive in a global market. In recent times, the challenge has been to bring robotics, and in our case, mobile robotics, to SMEs, which need to automate their processes and reindustrialise.

To be competitive. After 20 years of experience, we can say that practically all companies can introduce mobile robotics to improve their production processes. They are versatile, flexible and scalable robots, so their introduction in industry can be done progressively (in phases and according to the needs of the company) and at an affordable cost.

What are the future prospects for the sector?

Mobile robotics is booming and the forecasts are very positive. The International Federation of Robotics forecasts that unit sales of autonomous mobile robots in logistics will increase annually by 31% until 2023. At the same time, the use of AMR in public environments will grow rapidly: unit sales will increase by 40% per year worldwide. Traditionally, mobile robots have been used in industrial environments to transport parts or feed machines, but today they also operate in applications where they have contact with the general public.