• Fire-proof grey carpet placed directly on the floor and covered with protective plastic during setting-up.
  • White melamine panels with 3m-high aluminum structure in its natural colour.
  • 1x1m storage with locking door.
  • Painted wood arcade of 50x15cm (colour to be chosen by the client) with holes for lighting and white melamine console of 1,1×0,5m
  • 1 lettering in black vinyl standard letter with stand number on each side facing the corridor.
  • Piping and main board with 1 socket of 1.000w.
  • Lighting upon spots on rail of 300w and fixed on the arcade at a rate of 50w/m2
  • Furniture package: 1 white modular counter with 10cm-high painted wooden top, 1 white stool, 1 white round table, 3 white maga chairs and 1 little bin.