Oxiplant: specialised in laser and oxyfuel cutting

6 de March de 2023

Oxiplant is a metal services company with extensive experience in the sector, specialising in the cutting, processing and marketing of metal products.

Oxiplant’s range of services includes: laser cutting, laser tube cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, plasma tube cutting, high definition plasma cutting, bending, bevelling, shot blasting, machining and welding. With extensive export experience, the main countries in which we are present are France, Germany and Portugal. Our turnover figures are between 20-25 million euros per year, with a percentage of around 10% derived from exports. Currently the company’s staff is around 70-75 employees distributed among the different departments to meet the needs of our customers with speed and precision.

Why have you decided to support Mindtech in its third edition in 2023?

We consider Mindtech as a meeting born from the industry and aimed at the industry, which is in the process of opening and growing towards new markets, the same process in which our company is in, so we see Mindtech as an opportunity to grow and strengthen our positioning.

What is the added value for your company when participating in this fair?

Our company, Oxiplant, is one of the benchmarks in the metal sector in the north of Spain, not only in terms of volume and capabilities but also because of its experience in the sector. In addition, we are one of the ten Spanish companies with APQP4WIND certification for the wind energy production chain.

What novelties will you present at Mindtech 2023?

Oxiplant is a company in constant improvement so our production capabilities have improved greatly since the last fair.

  • New bending machine: Longer length and thickness
  • New laser (Tecoi LS 1630 T 2H): Larger sheet dimensions and double head.
  • New oxy-fuel cutting: Greater thicknesses, greater number of torches, greater width of bed.
  • Shot blast cabin: Finishing of workpieces.
  • Bending: Improvement in our material forming possibilities.
  • New plasma (Tecoi Multy 2430): Greater production capacity.
  • Transport: More agile in the movement of material.

How do you face the recovery/reactivation in the current context of lack of raw materials, rising costs of supplies and energy, etc.?

In the steel market, and especially in flat products, the war in Ukraine has had an immediate effect on supply. On the one hand, the impossibility of having a Ukrainian product, especially in thick plate, freed up the supply and sale in Southern Europe of imported materials, controlled by quotas. And on the other hand, the EEC’s actions against products of Russian origin.

Suddenly, thousands of tonnes of contracted and available products disappeared from the market, because they were not delivered to their buyers. This led to a mismatch in stocks and, in many cases, breaches of supply contracts.

From Oxiplant, this effect was seen, of course, but with the support of Norsider, as the main supplier, and its important stocks and supply alternatives, this effect has been minimised.

What differential value do you think the metal industry and its associated technologies have in the Iberian Pole in particular?

In a global market due to the economic changes derived from globalisation and understanding the Iberian Peninsula as a commercial hub between Europe and Africa, the metal industry and its associated technologies must rely on its strategic advantage to act as a driver of communication between markets, both in energy, manufacturing, maintaining and managing new power generation and transport plants, in the transport of goods, manufacturing ships and containers to transport goods, in short, in all industries it can play a differential role at this time of change in the markets and in the world.