Modula: automated vertical warehouses

19 de May de 2021

Modula is an Italian company specialized in the manufacture and implementation of automated vertical warehouses, suitable for any industrial sector or environment.

Modula automated systems are designed to reduce floor space by 90%, increase productivity, accelerate picking throughput, and improve warehouse efficiency by reducing risks to both people and products.

Today, Modula has more than 15,000 customers worldwide and a production capacity of 3,500 machines per year from its 4 production plants in Italy, USA and China. In addition, Modula has 9 subsidiaries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, and a wide network of more than 100 authorized distributors. This ensures them an international presence and allows them to service all their main markets, responding quickly and locally to customer needs.

Why did you decide to be at Mindtech’s second edition?

“Customers never fail to be impressed by the potential benefits that an automated solution like Modula can bring to their own organizations.”

The possibility to show an automated solution to a customer live at an event remains an important added value for our promotion. In that sense, Mindtech 2019 has been a very interesting occasion to give visibility to Modula in the metal industry, locally (Galicia) and nationally.

What novelties will you present at Mindtech 2021?

First of all, we are going to present the new Modula HC horizontal carousel, which is born from the experience gained over thirty years in the North American market and has been developed following the most modern criteria in terms of safety, ergonomics, efficiency and productivity. The new storage solutions for controlled atmosphere environments will also be presented:

  • Modula Climate Control: the temperature and humidity controlled warehouses.
  • Modula Clean Room: clean room warehouses.
  • Modula Dry: warehouses with low humidity (dry room).

What is the added value for your company when participating in this fair?

As in the previous edition, we want to improve our visibility in the metal industry, and promote the benefits that our automatic storage technology can bring to this sector.

How are you facing the economic recovery after the impact of covid-19?

After the obvious difficulties experienced in 2020 due to the pandemic, confinement and restrictions, Modula has started the year with a significant recovery in sales and turnover, and we think that the next biennium will be very positive.  Company logistics optimization and process automation will continue to be important trends in the short and medium term, even in the new post-COVID-19 economic context.

Visit Modula at its stand nº C11