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Mindtech partners with specialized media to publicize its third edition

12 de September de 2022

The race for the third edition of Mindtech is already underway. With land reservations in high demand and preparations taking shape, Mindtech also announces collaboration agreements with nine specialized media that become media partners of the third edition of the Iberian Pole’s benchmark industrial fair, to be held in Vigo from June 20 to 22, 2023.  Find out about them in detail in this post.

3d printing & design

Part of Pressgraph Mediagroup S.L., founded in 1975 as a publisher of specialized publications, 3dprinting and design is an online media born as an accelerator of companies and projects based on additive manufacturing. Its goal is to help build a community around design and 3D Printing technology.


Pedeca Press Publicaciones is a publishing group specialized in communication (magazines, books, events…) within the metallurgical sector, covering in detail the areas of foundries, molds, heat treatments and surface treatments with the publication of four specialized magazines.


Factoría del Futuro

Pioneer web portal in Spain and in Spanish-speaking countries dedicated entirely to disseminate news, trends, events and other resources related to Industry 4.0, digital transformation and its enabling technologies.


Metal Industria

Metalindustria is a media focused on the metallurgical sector, which wants to highlight its important role as a fundamental link in the supply chain of the manufacturing industry. Through its sections it combines the strong technical depth of its author articles or market analysis, with the freshness provided by the opinions, interviews or reports of the most innovative companies.



Automática e Instrumentación

It is the only magazine published in Spain entirely dedicated to the automation and control of processes and machines of any industrial sector. Written by instrumentation, control and integration technicians, it provides the reader with the best information on technical and market trends, innovations in components and systems for industrial automation and industry news, both national and international.




Sumindustria is an Industrial Portal that serves as a link between manufacturers and distributors and the industry in general, in order to promote fluid relationships between suppliers and final industries.


Conecta Industria

Analysis and communication channel to connect agents and sectorial enablers; that is to say, to link people, companies and entities that develop their activity in the Asturian industry in particular, and in Spain in general.




Info PLC ++

infoPLC is the largest web portal dedicated to the world of Industrial Automation in Spanish. The publication offers the latest news in the sector and also provides access to a large number of resources, manuals, tutorials, examples and guides that facilitate the learning of all the disciplines that make up Automation.


Interempresas offers the opportunity to publicise the latest news about your business on the largest platform of professional content in Spanish, where you can find more than 30,000 offers of second-hand machinery advertisements.

 Dinamo Técnica

Dinamo Técnica es una revista de ingeniería y energía que lleva ofreciendo contenido desde el 1999, siendo una una de las primeras revistas gallegas de energía en la comunidad y España.