Mindtech Official Presentation

9 de May de 2019

The Galician Association of Metallurgical Industrialists welcomed last Friday in the presentationI Metal Fair of Vigo of the more than 300 representatives of the main companies of the autonomous community and of the foreigner, in the Fair Institute of Vigo (IFEVI).


Several authorities were present, such as the Minister of Economy and Industry; Francisco Conde; the Mayor Abel Caballero; or the delegate of Zona Franca in Vigo, David Regades; accompanying the president of the fair, Justo Sierra Rey and its General Secretary, Enrique M. Mallón.
According to the Secretary General of ASIME, Mr. Enrique Mallón, this fair “was born out of the interest of the companies that have been proposing this initiative for years and it seems to us a propitious moment to take a major leap at an international level”.
Mindtech, which will be held from 10 to 12 September 2019 on a biennial basis, is proposed as a reference event for the sector in the Iberian Pole – Spain, Portugal and Morocco – and is expected to be a successful participation, as in just eight days and has been reserved 35% of the space in the fairgrounds.
The first intervention after Justo Sierra’s was by David Regades, who highlighted that “Mindtech serves to show the muscle of the city of Vigo”.
The conselleiro assured that the fair “is an ambitious proposal” that is born with the vocation of being an “international reference”, and that “reinforces Vigo’s capacity as an organizer of fairs”.
Caballero was in charge of the closing ceremony and took the opportunity to call for “industrial policies in the European Union”, as “just betting on R&D clashes with the policies of other countries”.
The fair will include the areas of machinery, technology 4.0, engineering, tools, electronics and electricity, logistics and transport or the aerospace and aeronautics industry, among others, although the two activities that will have greater representation are automotive and metalworking.
Without any doubt, the fair will be a success, and this has been reflected in numerous Galician newspapers:

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