Mindtech in the words of its exhibitors & sponsors

23 de June de 2020

The last edition of Mindtech in 2019 closed with more than 200 exhibitors and 21,500 visitors.

Many of these exhibitors and the entities that collaborated in the setting up of what is already the reference industrial fair of the Iberian Pole shared their vision and experience about the relevance of this international meeting that will hold its next edition from the 15th to the 17th of June 2021.

Saad Aiouche, , Administrator-President of the Partnership & KV International Promotion Committee of Amica (Moroccan Association of Automobile Industry and Commerce)

“”Mindtech has become an indispensable world reference. It allows us to strengthen our partnership and to continue to encourage investors to develop the products that are missing to meet the needs of Moroccan manufacturers”.

Lorena Rosende, Technical Director of Itera Técnica

“Mindtech offers us an unparalleled opportunity to present our services to multinational companies in the metal and new technologies industry, which would otherwise be impossible. This fair is also very important for small entrepreneurs like us, as it helps enormously with internationalisation and growth”.

Luis López, Director of Industrial Recense

“Mindtech is a global showcase for all companies in the metal sector and its associated technologies”.

Alberto Núñez Feijoo, President of the Galician Government

“Mindtech has meant the beginning of an important project called to consolidate itself in the future and to place Vigo and Galicia as a reference point in creative, economic and commercial power”.

Javier Echauri, CEO of Grupo Hispamoldes

“Mindtech is an excellent way of strengthening ties with the sector, both with clients and with potential partners and market prospecting”.

Luis Mochales, Consejero delegado de Corzosa

“We think it is a good idea that at least every two years a fair like Mindtech is held in Galicia, aimed at all metal sector, bringing together the northwest of Spain with Portugal and the Iberian Pole”.

Yago Fontán, Aernnova Manager at Hamble Aerostructures and Former Managing Director of Coasa

“Fairs like Mindtech help our industry, aeronautics, to become known. We are still a minority and a very unknown sector in Galicia but we have enormous potential”.

Manuel Ángel Pose, CEO Aluman Group

“Mindtech has been at a great height and has allowed us to get to know our industry better. We must go deeper into this type of attractive events for the whole peninsula and foreign companies”.

Eduardo Eiriz, Head of Macroinsa

“At Mindtech we are showing all our electronic assembly tools for industry 4.0 in the framework of this fair that shows the great industrial potential we have in Galicia”

Segundo Cajide, Administrator and Manager of Torvigo

“Mindtech is an opportunity to surround ourselves with first class technology manufacturers and to generate trust among our suppliers and customers”.

Rafael Outeiral, Director of Institutional Relations at Nodosa

“Mindtech has been a milestone in making our industry visible internationally.


David Regades, State Delegate in the Vigo Free Zone Consortium

“Mindtech is the new reference fair of the industrial sector of the Iberian Pole. The first edition was a great success, allowing us to expand the market for our industries”.

Francisco Conde, Galician Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry

“Mindtech was born with the vocation of being an international reference of the Iberian Pole to attract companies and foreign investments, showing them the potential of the Galician industrial network and its commitment to technology and innovation. A success that we applaud, share and support from the Galician Government”.

Roberto Carlos Bouzas, Project manager offshore & public naval, Nervión Industries

“It is an event of vital importance to showcase and reaffirm the commitment of Galician companies in the various sectors we have here. Mindtech provides an international vision of what Galicia can give to the world”.

Manuel García, Director of de Greenalia

“The metal industries have a unique opportunity at Mindtech also in the renewable energy sector and more specifically in the offshore wind power sector, a train we cannot miss”.

Santiago Viceiro, Manager of the Industry Sector Account of Inycom

“I am happy that Galicia finally has a reference fair not only in the region but in Europe, to give visibility to what we do and to connect with other regions”.

Francisco Puga, President Delta Vigo

“In Delta Vigo we did not want to miss an event like this in the city that saw us born and where we have been 72 years of uninterrupted industrial activity”.

Enrique Mallón, Director of Mindtech

“After the first edition of Mindtech, in which all expectations were exceeded, in this 2021 edition, we aspire to double the space and to continue offering visitors and exhibitors the best experience”.