Mindtech builds closer relations with the Mexican industry for its next edition

22 de September de 2023

  • The organising team of the Mindtech (Metal Industry Technologies International Trade Fair) is participating this week in the 10th Foro de Proveeduría Automoción de León in Guanajuato, Mexico.
  • During the fair, contacts have been made with more than 20 companies that have shown great interest in Mindtech 2025 and in opening up the market to the Galician automotive sector. The fair organisers also visited the facilities of the companies De Acero, Control Mecánico Digital and Promeba, and met with the top representatives of the municipality of Celaya, its mayor and its Economic Development Agency.
  • The Municipality of Celaya and the Guanajuato region have been participating in the international Mindtech fair, which is held every two years in Vigo, since its inception. Its presence at Mindtech 2025 has already been confirmed and this visit to the country’s most important automotive and mobility fair has served to expand the number of companies that will form part of the Mexican delegation at the fourth edition of Mindtech.

The Mindtech trade fair organising team is present this week at the most relevant trade fair of the automotive sector in Mexico to explore business opportunities and the attraction of TIER 1 and TIER 2 companies to the next edition of the Metal Industry & Technologies International Trade Fair, to be held in 2025.

Enrique Mallón, Managing Director of Mindtech, highlighted: "This region is characterised by the important presence of companies such as Honda, Toyota or Hyundai and the extensive network of international companies, some of them Galician, that have set up in this area to supply the automotive giants. Being present at this Mexican automotive trade fair is an opportunity to meet again with important companies in the Mexican industry and to ensure the presence of many of them at Mindtech 2025".

Within the framework of the fair, Mindtech’s organiser, Asime, took the opportunity to meet again with companies from the Municipality of Celaya that were present at the last edition of Mindtech last June, and also to meet more than 20 companies from the Municipality of Celaya that were present at the last edition of Mindtech last June. working with the main tier 1 automotive companies in Mexico and seeking to open up a market in the Iberian hub driven by the Mindtech international trade fair. They have also met with the Automotive Cluster of Guanajuato and with the Association of companies in the industrial zone of Apaseo el Guanajuato, with whom synergies are being generated.. Likewise, the fairgrounds have made close contacts with the Latin University of Mexico, which already has projects underway with Galician entities and a special interest in the region.

Moreover, this trade mission is not confined to the fairgrounds alone. Representatives of the Mindtech fair have personally visited the facilities of the companies De Acero, Control mecánico digital and Promeba. De Acero is the largest steelmaker in Mexico, with 11,000 employees, more than 7,500 distributors, 3 steel mills and 14 wire plants in Mexico, as well as 30 distribution centres in North America.

For its part, the company Digital Mechanical Control, specialised in engineering, already has important ties with Galicia, as it has actively participated in the Mindtech 2023 fair and is involved in a very important project with GKN as part of its strategy to open up a larger European market.

In addition, the machining company Promeba also works with the Spanish company GKN, which has four plants in Celaya, and with CZFV and Borgwarner.

“Knowing first-hand how companies in the sector work in Mexico is a privilege when it comes to closing deals and strengthening partnerships. We have been able to visit their facilities and explore the points where they can generate greater synergies for their incursion into the European market, relying on Mindtech as a gateway and taking advantage of the international nature of the fair to expand their business,” Mindtech emphasises.

It was precisely with the aim of strengthening these Galicia-Mexico relations that Mindtech began its incursion into the country years ago. Proof of this are the agreements that have been systematically signed with the authorities of the Municipality of Celaya and the State of Guanajuato for their participation in the Mindtech fair.

"Mexico is already one of the most important delegations at Mindtech. This year, in June, more than 20 Mexican companies participated in the third edition of the fair. For 2025, the participation of Guanajuato-Celaya is already confirmed and the interest of companies in the country is growing," says Enrique Mallón.

Mindtech’s visit to the State of Guanajuato has also included important institutional meetings that have reinforced the close cooperation with the country.. Francisco Javier Mendoza Márquez, Mayor of Celaya, personally received the representatives of Mindtech, together with Eduardo Knapp, General Director of Economic Development and several representatives of this agency on which Mexico’s participation in the Mindtech fair pivots. “Our visit to the Mexican industry is being very productive to get to know closely the various companies in Celaya and the region, mainly in the automotive and metal-mechanical segments, with the aim of strengthening ties with a view to the participation of many of them in the next edition of the Mindtech international trade fair”.