Mindtech International Conference




Pannel 1 – Moderator: Enrique M. Mallón, Director, Mindtech

Justo Sierra |
Justo Sierra |President, Mindtech
Nadia Calviño |
Nadia Calviño |Minister for Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation
Francisco Conde |
Francisco Conde |Second Vice-President Regional Minister for Economy, Xunta de Galicia
Carmela Silva |
Carmela Silva |President, Deputación Provincial de Pontevedra
Abel Caballero |
Abel Caballero |Mayor of Vigo

Pannel 2 – Moderator: Jennifer González, Institutional Relations Manager, Mindtech

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Jesús V. izquierdo
Jesús V. izquierdoPresident Leadergy & Co.

Business futurology: Anticipating to lead change

The ability to anticipate the future in organisations is based on what is known as business sociology, which involves not so much predicting the future, but allowing oneself to imagine what can happen so that companies, institutions, entrepreneurs, etc. are able to create their own future oriented towards success.

The factors that come into play are varied and include elements that force a rational and emotional interpretation of the market and its adaptive response to constant change. As Richard Thaler, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics, pointed out, we live in the economy of emotions. These determine the consequences, positive or negative, and force us all to play the role of game changers in our environment.

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Olaf Holzgrefe
Olaf Holzgrefe Head of International & Affairs, BME

Procurement 2021: Situation, Challenges and Outlook

A tour of the current situation in Germany that will focus on supply chain challenges in the global marketplace and lessons learned from the process.

Pannel 3 – Moderator: Raquel Lago, Chief Executive Officer, Grupo Lagos

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Eduard Martín |
Eduard Martín |Director of Smart Connectivity, Mobile World Capital Barcelona

The connectivity of the future

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José Ramón Castro Silva
José Ramón Castro SilvaPresident of Digital Industries Software & Director of Digital Industries, SIEMENS

Industry challenges for a 5.0 Spain

Let us imagine a Spain in which industry makes an economic, social and cultural leap forward. In which existing and future technology is put at the service of people to improve the welfare of workers and consumers. In which more and better jobs are created and contribute to the sustainability of our society. This will be Spain 5.0. José Ramón Castro will give in his conference the keys to achieve this challenge.

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René González Castro
René González CastroDirector of Advanced Manufacturing & Equipment, Gestamp

Factories of the Future

Pannel 4 – Moderator: Lorena Riveiro, Dircom, Mindtech

Program closing


Rebeca Acebrón |
Rebeca Acebrón |Vice-President, Mindtech
Mafalda Gramaxo |
Mafalda Gramaxo |Director General, AIMMAP
David Regades |
David Regades | Vigo Free Trade Zone Delegate
Beraldino Pinto |
Beraldino Pinto |Vice-President CCDR-North


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