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Metrologic Group: 3D metrology experts

25 de May de 2023

Metrologic Group designs and sells 3D measurement software solutions, electronic devices and related services. The group provides innovative industrial solutions and measurement products, where accuracy ranges from microns to millimetres.

Metrologic Group’s solutions are designed primarily for the automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, consumer products, power generation and medical industries.

Founded in 1980 in France, Metrologic Group, part of the Sandvik Group, is now a worldwide company with 6 subsidiaries and 18 certified distributors, covering more than 35 different countries.

Why did you decide to go for Mindtech in its third edition in 2023?

We see Mindtech as an opportunity to reinforce our presence with our clients on the Atlantic side and to make ourselves known in important markets in the area, such as the naval sector.

What is the added value for your company in participating in this fair?

The added value is to be able to increase our turnover in Galicia and to make ourselves known in sectors in which we are not yet very present.

What will you be presenting at Mindtech 2023?

We are a company that is characterised by always being up to date with new technologies. that arise in the field of dimensional metrology, our innovations are linked to the development of connections with new measuring devices, integration of new regulations in our processes, implementation of automation in metrology, creation of a digital twin of the work cell with our Silma X4 software and all the subsequent analysis of the measurement carried out.

How do you face recovery/reactivation in the current context of lack of raw materials, rising costs of supplies and energy, etc.?

We have noticed the increase in the price of electronic components and we have also been affected by the lack of raw materials and the increase in energy prices because this has hit our customers very directly, causing their investment decisions to freeze. It seems that the market is timidly adapting to this situation and a certain reactivation is beginning to be noticed, which we face prepared and with our batteries charged to give a rapid response to any request that may come our way.

What do you think is the differential value of the metal industry and its associated technologies in the Iberian Pole in particular?

Experience is a differential value of the metal industry in the Iberian Peninsula, this experience translates into product quality. España lleva muchos años trabajando en este sector y sabe lo que hace.