• Grey fire-retardant fair carpet with 0.5 m blue strip, laid directly on the floor covered with protective plastic during assembly.
  • Melamine beech panels with blue panel ends of 0.5m and anodized aluminium structure in its color to 3m high.
  • Ceiling with aluminium grid for lighting installation.
  • Wall d 0.5x1m to 3.5m high in blue modular panel with aluminium structure in its natural color with two backlight canvases printed with image and / or logo provided by the client (layout not included).
  • Blue modular panel frontis with aluminium structure in its natural colour with 1,97×0,40m backlit methacrylate front with the commercial name in standard black vinyl.
  • Warehouse of 1x1m with modular door with key and lock.
  • Connection and electrical panel with magneto-thermal differential with 1 plug for 1,000w.
  • Lighting upon spots on rail of 300w and fluorescent lights on the light box for backlighting at a rate of 75w/m2.
  • Furniture package:  white round table, 3 white maga chairs and 2 sloping shelves

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