Macroinsa: leading industrial supplies company

27 de September de 2023

In this interview for Global Industry magazine, Laura Eiriz, Manager of Macroinsa, talks about the core of the company and the latest trends in machine tools focused on Industry 4.0. 

What does Macroinsa offer at its stand at Mindtech 2023?

At Mindtech we showcased the latest developments in machine tools focused on Industry 4.0 in the metal sector. Visitors were able to see first-hand the latest generation of variable speed compressors with the best energy footprint on the market, cordless tightening tools capable of ensuring total traceability of assembly processes, hydraulic tools and tensioners designed for sectors working with high torques capable of very high precision, real-time data collection and analysis software to predict possible trends and/or anomalies, the most advanced technologies in the world of abrasives and the most cutting-edge surface treatment systems on an international level.

“We are constantly innovating in terms of efficiency, connectivity, electronics and, of course, also in terms of data provision”.

Macroinsa started 50 years ago selling industrial supplies. Today its business model goes much further. What services and products stand out?

The core of Macroinsa today is made up of a set of features that are part of a whole: personalised advice, design, commissioning and after-sales of vacuum systems, compressed air and other industrial gases such as nitrogen and oxygen.

In addition, the company has a truly exceptional machine park that is ready to meet the specific needs of our customers at all times. In our catalogue we also have assembly and/or material removal systems together with the necessary software for quality control in the processes and the necessary technical personnel for the maintenance and training of such equipment. In industrial supply, on the other hand, we work with the best, with the leading brands on the market. In addition, our response time is optimal: we can deliver most of our references within 24 to 48 hours. Efficiency is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of Macroinsa, where we take great care of our customers. They are the company’s priority.

What are the trends that will be seen in the market in the coming years?

Technological advances are making increasingly sophisticated tools and machinery available on the market, and these advances are affecting the entire industry. We are talking about R&D at all levels. There is no end to innovation in terms of efficiency, connectivity, electronics and, of course, also in terms of data provision. Among the trends of the future, we believe that one of the star products will be wireless tools with working software in the cloud that are already accessible from anywhere. However, what will undoubtedly surprise and stand out in the market in the medium term will be flexible and fully adaptable plug and play systems.

What distinguishes Macroinsa from the competition?

The service we offer our clients.

Our technical and human team is Macroinsa’s best letter of introduction. Our great value. The willingness of all the company’s staff to always offer the best of themselves, and of the products and services we work with. It is very important for us to always be there, to work hand in hand with our partners, always in the long term and with the ultimate goal of continuous improvement. This is what sets us apart.