ITS Ibérica, a union of companies from Galicia and Portugal, will present its industrial collaboration at Mindtech 2021

27 de August de 2020

Four companies from Galicia and Portugal have joined forces under a new trademark. ITS IBERICA brings together the knowledge of EUROPRECIS GALICIAINPROTECNM3D IBÉRICA y TESPA, specialists in tool design and construction, machining, industrial robotics, artificial vision, quality control and automation.

ITS Ibérica is born from the business collaboration of four companies that have decided to join forces in order to offer integral turnkey solutions to their clients, individually and collectively, and at an international level, with a unique dialogue with the client.

From ITS Ibérica, they highlight the reinforced capacities within this union: assembly lines, welding cells, control machines, automatic measurement systems at the foot of the line, installation of specific equipment, and quality control systems for parts and equipment, among others.

We currently work in the pharmaceutical, automotive, aeronautical, food, naval and wind power sectors, although our activity can be in all sectors susceptible to any type of industrial automation or process improvement.

These companies, which were already present at Mindtech 2019, have decided to make a firm commitment to the second edition of this fair, where they will present their new consolidated brand, ITS Ibérica, based on the strategy of industrial collaboration and the continuous improvement and specialization of each of the members of the business group.

At Mindtech 2019, they presented their pledge to industrial collaboration under the slogan “the commitment to improvement is our identity”. On this occasion, they will participate with a large stand in a preferential area, in which they will present themselves as a group of companies that provides integral solutions to the needs of their clients, as they have been doing over the last year since the idea of joining forces under ITS Ibérica arose.

Mindtech is the ideal showcase for the presentation of the small Galician company with an important specialization and strong technological component capable of developing projects that improve the productive and technological capacity of our clients. Likewise, it is the perfect meeting point to present our innovations to our clients, strengthen business ties with them and establish new business relationships with other potential clients.