Hexagon: technology partner for manufacturers

10 de November de 2023

En esta entrevista realizada por la Global Industry  la empresa Hexagon hace repaso de su participación en Mindtech23 y muestra sus últimas novedades

Hexagon was one of the preferred exhibitors at Mindtech 2023, where it showed manufacturers how its various technologies, which optimise industrial processes, can help them throughout their product lifecycle.

In Vigo, it presented its smart manufacturing, digitalisation and dimensional inspection solutions for quality control, as well as CNC Simulation, specialised in generating, managing and optimising machining paths for a wide range of applications and technologies in different sectors.

Hexagon also gave on-site demonstrations of its 3D scanning and digitising innovations with the Absolute Scanner AS1, and the latest Absolute Tracker and Absolute Arm models. Thus, its technical specialists showed various solutions such as CAD/CAM software that improves manufacturing processes; metrology and 3D scanning tools to provide useful information to help optimise products and production flows; and terrestrial scanning solutions.

“At Mindtech, the company presented its smart manufacturing, digitisation, terrestrial scanning and dimensional inspection solutions.”

Pioneering digital reality solutions by combining sensors, software and autonomous technologies, just the day after the end of Mindtech 2023 Hexagon announced the acquisition of CADS Additive to enhance its additive manufacturing solutions. It is a fast-growing provider of specialised software that helps companies prepare designs for additive metal manufacturing (AM). 3D printing offers greater design freedom and has the potential to reduce waste and increase flexibility.

“Our investments reflect the growing importance of additive manufacturing, which has huge potential, but has been held back by a fragmented ecosystem that means manufacturers don’t get the results they need fast enough.”

Paolo Guglielmini, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hexagon

“The acquisition of CADS Additive allows us to offer our customers integrated tools that enable manufacturing teams to reduce waste and increase efficiency as they move from prototyping to production.”

Paolo Guglielmini.

New launch

End of September, Hexagon also launched the HxGN Mold & Die software package, a suite of specialised CAD/CAM, engineering and automation tools. As a result, tool and mould makers will be able to increase efficiency, reduce costs and produce high quality tools for their customers in a variety of industries.from automotive to aerospace.

The suite is created to enable mould designers and builders to achieve operational excellence in the design and manufacture of plastic injection moulds, progressive dies, forming dies and similar tools.

“We have leveraged everything we know about tool and die making, including our world-class Hexagon technologies, to develop a specialised suite that enables tool and die makers of all sizes to achieve the best results in the fastest way.”

Chuck Mathews, General Manager of Production Software

For his part, Hexagon’s Director of Products and Technology, Parth Joshi, said HxGN Mold & Die Suite is an “exciting development that combines practical challenges with our deep expertise to help our customers achieve more”. “We are refocusing innovation to bring together technologies from our ecosystem to help production teams make informed decisions faster,” he added.