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Gestamp: automotive innovation

10 de November de 2021

With a presence in more than 24 countries, Gestamp is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of metal components for the automotive industry. It specialises in the creation of products with an innovative design to achieve increasingly safer and lighter vehicles, and therefore better in terms of energy consumption and environmental impact.

What will the factories of the future look like?

They will be increasingly connected and adapted to real production needs at all times; they will be efficient, virtual and will be committed to a digital environment where the commitment to Industry 4.0 will be growing with the entry of new realities such as flexi manufacturing, which allows a plant to adapt to production needs in any circumstance. The factories of the future will drive new technologies such as 5G. The automotive industry shows that it is still committed to being a driving industry and at the forefront of innovation.

What are the current challenges facing the automotive sector?

The automotive sector is immersed in a process of evolution with the emergence of electric vehicles and new mobility. This process, in turn, is an exciting challenge for all of us in the industry. We have the opportunity to work and design a more sustainable mobility, which takes care of us and the environment. Therefore, it is also a great responsibility.

At Gestamp, we work focused on achieving a safer, lighter and increasingly environmentally friendly vehicle. Faced with all these challenges, it is important to maintain common sense and a long-term vision.

In the new paradigm in which the global automotive sector finds itself, the Spanish industry must continue to compete with guarantees at home and abroad. To do so, we are in an unbeatable position: we have developed in a multi-client and multicultural environment. From competitiveness, we have been able to evolve decisively towards technology and globalisation and we will continue to do so.

How did the Covid pandemic affect the automotive sector?

It was an unprecedented situation, a forced halt in production such as we had never known before, but it also demonstrated the sector’s capacity for adaptation and resilience.

What new products did Gestamp present at the Mindtech trade fair?

We presented the latest developments in terms of Industry 4.0 and the concept of flexi manufacturing, a new way of understanding the industrial environment in which factories can adapt to different production needs at all times. This makes a lot of sense in the current context where companies have to adapt their production depending on the materials or raw materials available. The aim is to further improve operational efficiency.

How do you assess the role of the trade fair?

Mindtech is a meeting and learning place where the companies in the sector that participate have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments and trends, as well as concrete applications in real cases. It is an opportunity to continue learning, reflecting and improving as a sector and industry in general.