Genesal Energy: enabling the energy transition

26 de August de 2021

Genesal is a business group based in Galicia that operates in the distributed energy sector. From its headquarters in Bergondo (A Coruña), they design, manufacture, market and supply high quality generator sets, both standard and highly engineered projects. They supply power to hospitals, power plants, airports, administrations, military installations, ships, railway networks, data processing centers… They have been doing so since 1994.

“Alex Blanco, Director I+D+i in Genesal Energy: Industry, internationalization and innovation (what we call the three “I’s”) are the pillars of our strategy. Care for the environment is among our priorities; we believe that reducing emissions as much as possible is no longer an option but a necessity. Personalization, comprehensive and differentiated service, is also a hallmark of the company”.

Although its roots are Galician, Genesal is aware that it competes globally in an increasingly globalized world:

“70% of our production is destined for export, which forces us to distinguish ourselves by doing what no one else does. We dare to take on challenges that many other companies do not. This is what we call the Genesal method: the sum of the knowledge applied after almost 30 years in the market and which is materialized in CETED, the Distributed Energy Technology Center, our own R&D ‘laboratory’. At present, we have a staff of more than 80 people, we are present in more than 30 countries in the five continents and we have subsidiaries in Peru and Mexico. The Middle East and Europe are other priority markets. We define ourselves as a “micro-multinational”.

Why have you chosen Mindtech again for its second edition?

Because it is a strategic fair and in a short time it has become a benchmark in the metal sector. But, above all, we are committed to Mindtech because it is a Galician initiative and we are from Galicia and we are in Galicia. We want to contribute to making industry in our autonomous community and show it to the world. We support and rely on what is homegrown.

What novelties will you present at Mindtech 2021?

The present is called energy transition. There is no turning back. We are in the business of creating and supplying energy and we know that the changes in the sector are unstoppable. Mindtech is a great showcase to open a window to what lies ahead, and Genesal Energy wants to be that window. Visitors to our stand will learn about our Energy Transition Plan and the technologies that will transform the world as we know it. To this end, we will show three generators that in one way or another symbolize and bring together these coming changes:

  • The Hybrid Microgeneration: Genesal Energy Hybrid Microgeneration technology allows to increase the energy efficiency of conventional fuels. The integration of various renewable generation sources, such as photovoltaic and wind, together with an energy storage system formed by a set of batteries, allows us to make the energy demand profile of consumers independent of the generation profile, both from renewable sources (we depend on the weather) and from the internal combustion engine, to achieve a stable supply with an efficiency percentage above 80%. In the event of any unforeseen event, the generator set acts as a back-up for the system to ensure operability.
  • STAGE V: The new legal framework significantly limits emission levels. At European level, this standard is called STAGE V and applies, among others, to internal combustion engines with power ratings between 19kW and 560kW. The technological development carried out by Genesal Energy for the integration of these new engines, where exhaust gas recirculation systems, catalytic converters, particulate filters and urea injection (adBlue) are completely new systems, has meant an enormous development effort since, in addition, each engine manufacturer has its own systems.
  • GAS line: The development of a line of generating sets powered by natural gas, LPG, biogas and synthesis gases is part of our Strategic Plan for Ecological Transition. The main advantages of this line are the direct reduction of harmful emissions and the economic savings in fuel costs compared to a diesel generator set with identical technical characteristics. They are an ideal solution in the short and medium term to meet energy backup and emission reduction needs.
    What is the added value for your company in participating in this fair?

What is the added value for your company when participating in this fair?

We are a company with values and innovation is one of our strongest commitments to our customers. At Genesal Energy we participate in Mindtech because we like to be in places where, in addition to showing what we do, we can show that added value that we believe is so necessary, the value of making industry. Knowledge makes us better, more competitive, and competing on the basis of research and innovation has been our job for 27 years.

How do you face the recovery in the new scenario imposed by Covid-19?

“I believe that the pandemic has taught us many lessons from which we must learn for the future. I am in favor of looking forward and avoiding victimhood. At Genesal Energy, which we have been and are an essential service, we are facing the situation with fortitude and offering a 24/7 service reinforced to sectors such as healthcare.”

That said, the year 2022 presents itself with more projects, with new markets and with challenges as exciting as the digitization of energy, bringing cost-effective and sustainable solutions to our customers. With regard to the metal industry, both for Spain and in the Iberian Pole, the main objective is to meet the requirements of the ecological transition. This is the right thing to do at the moment.”