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First day of Mindtech 2023

21 de June de 2023

The third edition of the Metal Industry & Technologies International Trade Fair kicked off in Vigo on Tuesday 20 June. Here we bring you a summary of everything that happened on the first day of the Iberian Pole’s benchmark industrial fair.

Inauguration Ceremony

At 11.30 a.m., Galician and international institutional authorities took part in the official opening of the Metal Industry and Technologies International Trade Fair (Mindtech), thus kicking off the forum, which will attract until Thursday more than 200 exhibitors, 70 speakers, 15 keynote conferences, hundreds of B2B meetings and thousands of visitors from all leading industries, including automotive, aeronautics, metal mechanics, metal structures, renewable energies, new technologies, supplies, engineering and much more.

During the opening ceremony, opened by a special and exciting musical performance by Queiman and Pousa, the representatives of the fair and the collaborating institutions highlighted the importance of this event as a showcase for the industry on an international level.

Justo Sierra, President of Mindtech, stressed that Mindtech was born in 2019 as a demand from the sector itself, which called for a meeting of these characteristics in the context of the Iberian Pole. “Today, four years later, with more than 200 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors expected, Mindtech is witnessing its consolidation as a hub for industrial business between Europe, Africa and the Atlantic countries.

“This is the benchmark show to take the pulse of a sector that is moving, more than ever, towards digital disruption, process automation and sustainability”. Sierra also stressed that “Mindtech reinforces its position as an international showcase for the Iberian hub, with 10 delegations from different countries in Europe, Africa, America and this year especially Asia, as we have the luxury of having Japan as our guest country”. “We have before us an exceptional opportunity to promote the sector internationally, the showcase to demonstrate that the industry is the future and the key to economic and social prosperity in today’s globalised world,” concluded Sierra.<

Justo Sierra, President of Mindtech

We have before us an exceptional opportunity to boost the sector internationally, the showcase to demonstrate that the industry is the future and the key to economic prosperity. In his welcoming remarks, he expressed his appreciation for the invitation as guest country. “Mindtech is still a young fair, but with a large participation at national and international level. Six offshore wind companies have come from Japan, as offshore wind is the ace in the hole for accelerating decarbonisation.

I hope that through this fair new business opportunities will arise with Galician companies, which are particularly strong in components and machine tools for the automotive, maritime naval and renewable energy sectors. It would be welcome news if Galician and Spanish companies joined forces to respond to these future challenges we face globally, which include the energy crisis and raw material prices, as well as international instability”.

Takahiro Nakamae, Japanese Ambassador to Spain,

The inauguration was also attended by Juan Carlos Escotet, President of Abanca, Carmela Silva, President of Deputación de Pontevedra, María Jesús Lorenzana Conselleira de Economía, Industria e Innovación, Xunta de Galicia and Abel Caballero, Mayor of Vigo.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the authorities proceeded to inaugurate the fair with the traditional ribbon cutting and toured the exhibition space, which this year has more than 200 exhibitors displaying a wide variety of products and solutions. More than half of the exhibitors come from other regions or countries, reinforcing the strength of this fair in the Iberian Pole and at an international level. Mindtech will also offer various spaces, events and meetings to foster industrial business.

AutoMob Summit, a vision of the future for the mobility of tomorrow

The International Automotive and Mobility Congress of the Future, AutoMob Summit, came to Mindtech yesterday for the first time. In this special edition on the occasion of the third edition of the benchmark industrial fair of the Iberian Pole, the top managers of leading industries in this sector on an international level met at the Ifevi.

In a panel that captured the attention of many of the fair’s attendees, the challenges of the mobility of the future, the state of the industry as a whole (automotive, aeronautics and global transport), the supply chain, the challenge of decarbonisation and digital disruption were discussed.

Ricardo Garcia, Executive Vice President South Europe at Benteler, highlighted the company’s ambitious mission to make “tomorrow’s mobility lighter, safer and more sustainable”.

“We are implementing innovative technologies, such as smart factories and harnessing Big Data, and developing eco-friendly products, such as the Holon Mover and green tubes, to lead the shift to a responsible transport future.

Ricardo García, Executive Vice President South Europe at Benteler

María Paz Robina, General Manager ES and PT at Michelin, addressed the issue from the experience of this business group, which aims to be completely sustainable by 2050, using 100% raw materials of biological or recycled origin.

“To get there, we are decarbonising our manufacturing processes, working on tyres with lower rolling resistance so that they consume less fuel, emit less CO2 and can also be recovered and recycled. But the challenge goes beyond tyres and we are developing H2 fuel cells or sails for cargo ships to reduce their fuel consumption.

María Paz Robina, General Manager ES and PT at Michelin

Alberto Lavandeira, CEO at Atalaya Mining, highlighted the role that raw materials play in this future transport challenge, with minerals such as lithium being key to the development of electric batteries:

“Every electric car has twice as much copper as a combustion car, but it also has nickel, lithium and other specific metals. Until now these minerals and rare earths have come from outside the EU, but we can no longer depend on China. There are several mineral deposits in Europe that can reduce this external dependence and contribute to supplying the industrial chains with more than 70% of minerals. The challenge is huge, currently $8.5 billion needs to be invested in mines every year in order to cover the current deficit of minerals in the world.

Alberto Lavandeira, CEO at Atalaya Mining

Silvia Lazcano, President at DoBa Solutions with more than 20 years of experience at Airbus, explained the challenge from a sustainable aviation perspective.

“Despite the pre-covid demonisation of aviation, society’s behaviour has shown that air mobility will continue to grow. However, achieving net zero emissions by 2050 is feasible. The aviation sector has a number of avenues and enablers that will make it possible, the challenge now is to accelerate that roadmap through green hydrogen and other disruptive technologies”.

Silvia Lazcano, President at DoBa Solutions with more than 20 years of experience at Airbus.

Carlos Castaño, Vice President of Engineering at BorgWarner Emissions, Thermal and Turbo Systems, highlighted that “the rapid transition to electric vehicles is bringing a huge transformation for automotive companies, which are currently facing many challenges but also opportunities. “

In this unprecedented transformation, companies like BorgWarner are undergoing a major shift in their product portfolio, where innovation is going to be the decisive element.

Carlos Castaño, Vice President of Engineering at BorgWarner Emissions, Thermal and Turbo Systems

Pablo Martin García, Partner in charge of the Automotive Sector at NTT Data, explained that “the automotive industry has always been a benchmark for logistics and production efficiency. High standards in terms of deadlines and quality, coupled with increasingly fierce competition, make it difficult to stay in the market.

“The correct use of new technologies can be the lever for the automotive industry in Spain to continue to be one of the main players in the world”.

Pablo Martin García, Partner in charge of Automotive Sector at NTT Data

Mindtech Awards

Last night, once Ifevi closed its doors, Mindtech continued its first day with the Mindtech Awards ceremony at the Hotel Pazo Los Escudos.

The jury of the Mindtech Awards revealed the difficult verdict they have reached after evaluating the proposals of more than 30 companies that have competed in this call. These awards are part of the Mindtech international fair, which is celebrating its third edition until Thursday 22 June at Ifevi in Vigo.

In this third edition, the Mindtech Awards have been sponsored by the companies Servitalent and Star Electrónica, which have supported the initiative since its inception in 2019, showing their commitment to business excellence.

The jury of the awards is made up of the entities promoting the fair and relevant institutions in the field of business and innovation: Asime, Igape, Gain, Concello de Vigo, Deputación de Pontevedra, Icex, CZFV and Abanca.

The jury declared at the awards ceremony that “these awards are an excellent example of the great potential of the metal industry and its associated technologies on an international level, the focus of Mindtech, which is consolidating itself as a showcase for the enormous added value of our industry”. “The award-winning companies will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration as success stories for other companies in the sector and will highlight the competitiveness of this industry to face the challenges of the future linked to digitalisation, mobility, energy transition, corporate social responsibility and innovation”.

Awarded by category:

  1. Industria 4.0: Oxiplant. Awarded for the implementation of 4.0 technologies through its NIBLO project. A smart and connected warehouse capable of identifying all the packages in industrial plants, through a digital twin that applies 2D and 3D machine vision technologies.
  2. Circular economy: Peltinell. Project promoted by Repsol, in collaboration with Merasys, as part of the Operation Clean Sweep initiative. Circular economy: Peltinell. Project promoted by Repsol, in collaboration with Merasys, as part of the Operation Clean Sweep initiative.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility: Genesal Energy. Awarded for environmental actions, including the implementation of an energy management system, the installation of a photovoltaic façade in its facilities or social initiatives such as the creation of the Genesal Energy chair of energy transition with the USC or compliance with the Code of Ethical Behaviour.
  4. Innovación: Meifus. Awarded for the trajectory of the business group and its role in leading innovation in the field of warehousing and engineering specialising in 4.0 technologies.
  5. Mobility: Velca. Award for the development of sustainable mobility solutions through electric vehicles adapted to the needs of people and cities, providing a sustainable and affordable way of getting around.
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