First 3D Printing Helix with additive manufacture

9 de May de 2019

The first 3d printing propeller, WAApeller ,  has been manufactured and tested in one of Damen tugboat. 

After a rigorous testing process verified by Bureau Veritas, the first propeller manufactured in 3D printing, WAAMpeller, has already been built and tested on one of the tugs in Damen, the Netherlands.
This success is the result of collaboration between the Port of Rotterdam, Promarin, Autodesk, Bureau Veritas and Damen. These five companies started sharing their R&D resources and expertise 7 months ago. Promarin provided the design of the three-bladed propeller; the Port of Rotterdam carried out manufacturing using plasma welding additive manufacturing techniques; Damen contributed its R&D and the tug Stan Tug 1606 to carry out the operational tests and Bureau Veritas verified the entire development, production and testing process.
Last August, the consortium reached its first milestone with the construction of its first WAAMpeller prototype. They then began production of the second version, with the aim of achieving class classification. The second version was greatly improved by learning how to manufacture the prototype.
For testing in Dordrecht, the propeller was installed on Damen’s tugboat, Stan Tug 1606, which is equipped with an engine that complies with the strictest environmental regulations, Tier III. The test programme included fixed-point and emergency stop tests, as well as speed tests.