DMGmori: industrial connectivity

11 de November de 2021

DMGmori is a world leader in cutting machine tools for turning and milling, as well as a comprehensive supplier in additive manufacturing.

What is your assessment of your participation in Mindtech?

The truth is that the response from our customers has been excellent, it is always good that for one day they are the ones who come to visit us.

The reception of the Mindtech fair in this second edition has been very good, events of this type bring suppliers and customers closer together. We took away with us a very good impression of the fair and a very acceptable business result for this type of event.

What are the novelties you have presented and which ones would you highlight?

For this event we have presented a new solution for the acquisition of machine tools: PAYZER (PAY with ZERO RISK). Instead of investment and purchase, our customers can purchase our equipment at an attractive rate based on monthly payment per Spindel usage. Included in the fees are transport, commissioning, training, maintenance service and collision insurance. There are no investment risks and no down payments are necessary. With 12, 24 and 36 month contracts and the freedom to choose at the end of the contract whether to return the machine, buy it back or extend the contract.

How have you dealt with the pandemic and how is the sector recovering?

The truth is that these have been very hard times with a drop in production of up to 40%. We have faced a complex situation in which we have had two crises, a supply crisis caused by a reduction in labour activity and another demand crisis caused by falling incomes.

During this year 2021 the industrial fabric is trying to return to the figures of previous years but I think that it will not be until 2023 when we reach that goal. The DMGMORI Group has shown us that although it has gone through turbulent times, it is ready to face the new challenges of tomorrow.

What new products and services will you be presenting in the coming months?

At DMGMORI we are always working to provide our customers with the most advanced machines, equipment and technological solutions so that they can face the challenges posed by industry as well prepared as possible. Therefore, we seek to implement solutions in the field of digitalisation and connectivity between DMGMORI, our customers and the equipment we manufacture. Different solutions help to make the day-to-day work of our customers’ companies more user-friendly and efficient.

And how do you value Asime’s work?

I believe that its close and direct vision of the companies in the sector is of great importance, as it allows it to act as a dynamic element through actions such as advice, forums, training, etc. Without a doubt, it manages to bring together all the relevant information and focuses on the most representative difficulties, acting on them to defend each company and also the entire sector. All its work strengthens and positions the Galician metal industry in an increasingly complex and competitive global market.