Digamel: distribution of electrical equipment and telecommunications

28 de June de 2021

We spoke with David Fernández, Director of Digamel, a leading company in the distribution of all types of electrical and telecommunications material, with more than 40 years of experience. We chatted about the novelties they will bring to Mindtech 2021 and about some of their latest initiatives in the field of energy efficiency, digitalization, renewable energies and the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructures.

How do you value in Digamel the celebration of Mindtech and what novelties will you present?

At Digamel we are consolidating specialized divisions, including the industrial division, a strategic business area within our organization. In this edition our proposal will be characterized by the synergies between our projects of the industrial division, photovoltaic division, telecommunications division and electric mobility division. The latter with its own identity, Digavel, a new business area in which we offer comprehensive solutions for the implementation of electric vehicle charging networks, collaborating directly with Digamel customers for the installation of the project. Our participation is mainly motivated by giving visibility to these lines of innovation that we have developed together with our suppliers. And, of course, as a meeting point between the main companies in the sector, a key factor to make the market visible with perspective.

What will it mean for the industry?

We are currently in the midst of the Industry 5.0 boom in production systems, in which 5G has also burst onto the scene. From a business perspective, one of the main differences in the new model is that beyond emphasizing process automation, a balance is emerging between technology and human capital.

“The collaborative relationship between people and machines is fundamental, which is why Mindtech is an agent that contributes to the collaborative development of new technologies and their implementation in the industry sector by the hand of great professionals. That is also why the more relational part of the event is fundamental in a face-to-face modality that allows us to interact and establish synergies”.

What solutions and innovations do you promote at Digamel?

Our industrial division has provided great value to companies in the sector. We want to share some of the solutions that we have integrated in different production chains with our team of professionals. At the fair we will exhibit cases and solutions that have been part of this technological transition. As a novelty, and precisely because of the projection of this sector, Digamel will have a multidisciplinary space with different lines of acceleration in growth, such as telecommunications, software, switchboards, photovoltaic or electric mobility. Business models that will be part of the most cutting-edge investments in the sector.

How have you dealt with the impact of the pandemic and how is the economic recovery looking?

It meant an acceleration in the whole technological process that we were implementing in the company. At the expense of all this, the technological culture still has a long way to go, and the purchasing behavior and service to our customers requires an adaptation that we will have to manage based on the trends. We are aware that every change has certain phases within the transformation process and we cannot lose focus on the customer’s needs, even if technology allows us to do so.

What are your expectations?

Mindtech is an opportunity to generate business, and this is how we have perceived it in the first edition in which we were present.

“The transversality of the fair allows us to generate business relationships with different companies in the industrial sector, from automotive and aeronautics, through molds, engineering, metal structures, new technologies, renewable energies and, of course, the machinery manufacturing industry with so much potential in Galicia”.

These are all markets on which we are betting strongly as well as with our photovoltaic division and our new Digavel Charging brand for recharging networks. In short, this meeting will be relevant for the reactivation of relationships and projects after the pandemic.

What challenges do you face in the medium term?

At Digamel we have embarked on a path towards specialization in which factors such as digitalization, innovation and equipment will be fundamental pillars for progress. We want to undertake projects for the industry, sustainability and competitiveness with added value for the market, with a strong focus on excellence in the shopping experience for our customers.

Visit Digamel at Mindtech 2021: booth E20