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Delta Vigo: at the cutting edge of innovation

13 de September de 2022

With experience since 1947, Delta Vigo has 4 plants and a total surface area of 100,000 m² to undertake -100% in-house- all capital goods and flight component manufacturing processes in large capacity facilities and a state-of-the-art machinery park. Two of our plants specialise in process engineering and mechanical design, including industrial automation and robotics for the integration of production lines. We are a benchmark in integral solutions for the industrialisation of production processes, providing maximum added value to our customers through the delivery of highly complex turnkey projects.

Why did you decide to go for Mindtech in its third edition in 2023?

Since we were informed of Mindtech’s proposal, we thought it was a good idea and that is why we have been present at all of its editions. There are many Galician companies that support this event. Delta, after 75 years of uninterrupted industrial activity in Vigo, will always support any initiative that seeks to promote, in a global context, an industrial geographical environment with many years of history, as is the case of our city.

Moreover, seeing the evolution of the second edition, we are convinced that each year it will become more relevant and will have a greater presence of important companies located in countries of industrial reference. It is an honour for us to support local industry, and specifically to support an industrial fair of reference in Vigo, so we will participate and contribute as far as possible.

What is the added value for your company when participating in this fair?

Honestly, we are not pursuing any contract at Mindtech. The greatest added value will be achieved if we achieve a double brand of prestige in such a demanding global market: that of our company and that of our region and city. In such a globalised world, it is not only companies that compete; geographical environments with a prestigious industrial fabric benefit all the companies located there.

What novelties will you present at Mindtech 2023?

We haven’t decided yet. There are several possibilities. We will try to add value to the fair with innovative projects.

How do you face recovery/reactivation in the current context of lack of raw materials, rising costs of supplies and energy, etc.?

We are aware of the damage that “uncertainty” generates in industry, the economy and progress. In the two difficult years caused by the COVID crisis, we have managed to maintain pre-crisis business indicators. The current difficult situation, stimulated by an unexpected social conflict, places us once again in a moment of uncertainty that is more complex than that of the pandemic. Mainly because in the first case we faced a challenge and a common objective: to eradicate a virus that would allow us to return to normality. In the current crisis, different interests and points of view emerge from different geographical areas that can change the global industrial model as we know it.

In spite of this, in our case, supported by a broad sectoral and product diversity and a high degree of internationalisation with a global presence, we are confident that we will meet the objectives we have set for the next five years. Our main concern in this new scenario we are living in is to anticipate in order to find solutions and not be harmed by the lack of supplies, especially electronic components.

On the other hand, we have invested heavily in renewable energies because of our commitment to the environment and, at the same time, with the aim of improving our competitiveness.

What do you think is the differential value of the metal industry and its associated technologies in the Iberian hub in particular?

The great knowledge of key industrial sectors such as automobile, naval and fishing, and the great commitment to emerging sectors such as aerospace, place the Iberian hub as a geographical area of industrial reference. Moreover, the unquestionable commitment to new technologies and permanent innovation, as evidenced by the effort and clear objective of Mindtech, corroborate the current and future weight of the metal industry in the Iberian Pole.

Visit Delta Vigo at Stand D17 on 20-22 June at Ifevi, Vigo.