Corzosa: Experts in industrial machinery

10 de November de 2023

In this interview conducted by Global Industry, José Antonio, Commercial Director of Corzosa reviews their participation in Mindtech and all the innovations they presented.

What is day-to-day life like at Corzosa and what characterises your way of working and the team that makes it up?

Our day-to-day work is based on being in permanent contact with our customers in order to help and advise them on the acquisition of any machine tool that can improve or extend their production process and inform them of any opportunity for improvement that may arise for their business.

We also have a technical service specialised in mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics to repair or adapt the machines to the production needs. This union of the sales team and the technical service team is what characterises Corzosa in order to be able to provide our customers with a comprehensive service and an integral and personalised solution at all times.

They have participated in Mindtech. What is your assessment of the fair and what novelties have you presented?

As every year, since we have participated in Mindtech in all three editions, we try to bring a small sample of our products and novelties. On this occasion we have taken Lagun three-axis machining centres and Mazak five-axis machining centre. We have also brought a CMZ CNC lathe, a Zayer head and a TECOI plasma cutting machine and a VLB electric tube bending machine.

Unfortunately, in this edition, the strike of the metal sector in the province of Pontevedra has been a major detriment for the sector, as it has affected the high level of business and contacts that we did achieve in previous editions of Mindtech. I think that the unions’ boycott of the fair was throwing stones against their own backyard.

“Our customers are characterised by continuous improvement and diversification”.

What type of machinery is most in demand and what characterises your customers?

In general, machinery of all types, since in Vigo and in Galicia we have many metallurgical sectors very well represented and we have a large presence of the automotive industry, shipbuilding, aeronautics, metal structures…

In addition, there is also a presence of the wind energy sector. We can boast of a community with a great diversity of sectors and markets, so we cannot say that one type of machine is more in demand than another. Our clients are characterised by the pursuit of continuous improvement and diversification in order to be highly competitive at national and international level.

What projects and expectations do you have in the short and medium term?

We plan to further expand our markets. We are currently very present in Asturias, Galicia, Santander and Castilla y León, which are our traditional markets, where we have a strong presence and market share, which we want to continue to increase.

In recent years we have also made a strong entry into the north of Portugal, where we expect to continue to grow and want to consolidate our position. Apart from the European and Latin American market which is gradually growing and where we work with second-hand machinery, which is checked and guaranteed by our technical service.