Sector's insights

BIBUS: leader in industrial supplies

1 de February de 2022

BIBUS founded in Switzerland in 1948 with more than 50 years of experience in transmission technologies, pneumatics, hydraulics, damping, safety systems… initially concentrated on the local market as a supplier and partner, and later established a network of subsidiaries to expand the product range in order to meet the demands of its customers.

1. How was your participation in Mindtech?

We are delighted to have participated in this 2nd edition, once again supporting the local industry to make Galicia a reference point for the international metal industry.

We are confident that Mindtech will become the centre of the sector’s most relevant knowledge and debate. It has been a fantastic opportunity to meet again and consolidate some contacts, as well as to open new markets, in these new pandemic times.

2. What new products have you presented?

At this edition we have brought a multitude of new products for the most demanding solutions in the sector. One example was the VarioShaker component separators, which allow easy separation of bulk material for flexible feeding of parts in the automation process. We also presented I&W’s new high-torque electric motors with integrated gearbox and brake, which are ideal for electric vehicle applications.

3. How have you dealt with the pandemic?

The health emergency has imposed certain trends, such as e-commerce. The pandemic has accelerated a latent reality. And now it is up to us to decide whether to adapt the speed of business to this context or continue to opt for selling with technological tools.

4. Have you strengthened online sales?

In our opinion, the consumer experience should be with the brand and not with the channel. That said, today it is essential to have a strong online presence, and an online shop is a great tool that provides a lot of information about your customers, but we are still available to advise and offer the exact products and/or services that someone is looking for.

Online shopping does not end with the order confirmation, but when the customer receives the goods, so we take care of logistics and personalisation all the way through to delivery.

5. How is the international market?

Bibus Holding AG is continuously expanding its network of established relationships and adding new long-term partnerships. We support the efficiency, competencies and innovativeness of our customers with high-quality products and solutions, customer-specific know-how as well as just-in-time logistics and services.

In these uncertain times, we provide security. The security of a reliable business partner and system supplier. The security of being able to rely on first-class products, system-appropriate components and customised complete solutions.

6. What is your assessment of Asime’s work?

We consider Asime’s work to be fundamental for the common interests of its members and the Galician metal industry in general, through all the actions they carry out. In addition to the organisation of Mindtech, it is important to highlight the work they do through training, the search for synergies with other sectors or the launch of projects such as Tecnolóxicas to promote the role of women in the sector and against the technological gender gap.