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5 opportunities for a post-covid trade fair

The arrival of Covid-19 completely paralyzed commercial activity in terms of trade fairs and events. This had a strong impact on all sectors, especially on the metal industry and its associated technologies, which is a strongly internationalized industry worldwide, very used to establish business relationships on a one-to-one basis in this type of events. The [...]

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The rise of logistics and supply chain transformation in the post-covid era

The Covid-19 crisis has completely transformed the logistics sector. During the pandemic and the strict confinements, all countries witnessed a historic upturn in e-commerce, which in Spain increased by more than 20%. That is probably the most visible and friendly side of the covid effect in the logistics sector, but on the other side we [...]

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The future job: green and STEM

The International Labor Organization estimates that 24 million 'green' jobs will be created by 2030 worldwide. At the same time, it is estimated that six million will be destroyed (linked to sectors that will be extinguished or reconverted, such as mining, hydrocarbons or automotive), so net employment will be positive, reaching 18 million, of which [...]

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The future of aviation: new fuels, automation and drones

With the arrival of covid-19, the aviation industry has suffered a huge impact, but the truth is that this is much more than commercial aviation, and proof of this is that, in these months, far from suffering a complete standstill, the sector has continued to innovate and explore the possibilities of a reconversion towards energy [...]

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Drones and military aviation: recovery tractors for the aviation industry

The current crisis caused by the Covid-19 has hit the aviation industry hard by the fall of civil aviation and commercial lines, which have experienced an unprecedented fall due to instability and restrictions at international level. Given this scenario, drones and military aviation, two market niches that had already been stepping strongly, are now presented [...]

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The future of mobility: intelligent, sustainable and connected

The transport and mobility industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Decarbonisation and the shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production model are leading to the rise of new transport models: the electric car, the connected vehicle, autonomous driving, unmanned boats, drones, intelligent logistics networks... But for this new model to be operational and widespread, [...]

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Sustainable Development Goals: the role of industry

The year 2020 is coming to an end and with it the first 5 years of the deadline agreed by UN world leaders to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This global agenda aims to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new paradigm of sustainable development. In this [...]

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ITS Ibérica, a union of companies from Galicia and Portugal, will present its industrial collaboration at Mindtech 2021

Four companies from Galicia and Portugal have joined forces under a new trademark. ITS IBERICA brings together the knowledge of EUROPRECIS GALICIA, INPROTEC, NM3D IBÉRICA y TESPA, specialists in tool design and construction, machining, industrial robotics, artificial vision, quality control and automation. ITS Ibérica is born from the business collaboration of four companies that have decided to join forces [...]

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The electric car: challenges and opportunities

In recent years we have seen the rise of the electric car. Although the first attempts to introduce electric batteries date back to the early decades of the 20th century, it is now that electrified cars promise to revolutionize the industry due to their (almost) zero emissions and absence of noise, in line with [...]

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BIBUS Spain bets on Mindtech 2021

The Spanish subsidiary of the Swiss company BIBUS repeats its commitment to Mindtech. The company, with headquarters in Nigrán, was one of the first to close its space of over 60 m2 in the preferential area for Mindtech 2021. BIBUS Spain is a company specialized in the trade, design and assembly of components and [...]

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