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ITS Ibérica, a union of companies from Galicia and Portugal, will present its industrial collaboration at Mindtech 2021

Four companies from Galicia and Portugal have joined forces under a new trademark. ITS IBERICA brings together the knowledge of EUROPRECIS GALICIA, INPROTEC, NM3D IBÉRICA y TESPA, specialists in tool design and construction, machining, industrial robotics, artificial vision, quality control and automation. ITS Ibérica is born from the business collaboration of four companies that have decided to join forces [...]

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The electric car: challenges for the mobility of the future

In recent years we have seen the rise of the electric car. Although the first attempts to introduce electric batteries date back to the early decades of the 20th century, it is now that electrified cars promise to revolutionize the industry due to their (almost) zero emissions and absence of noise, in line with [...]

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BIBUS Spain bets on Mindtech 2021

The Spanish subsidiary of the Swiss company BIBUS repeats its commitment to Mindtech. The company, with headquarters in Nigrán, was one of the first to close its space of over 60 m2 in the preferential area for Mindtech 2021. BIBUS Spain is a company specialized in the trade, design and assembly of components and [...]

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The offshore energy breaks records

Wind energy has a great future, also when it is produced over the sea. The data show that in 2019 the offshore wind industry recorded a record growth, increasing its installed capacity by 35.5% from 4.5 to 6.1 Gigawatts, according to last year's data published by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). This segment of [...]

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The transport industry, committed to new and more sustainable materials

Steel and aluminium are still reference materials in many industrial transport assembly lines. However, at present, work is ongoing to find alternatives and develop lighter materials, which will make vehicles less heavy, thus allowing fuel savings. The aim is also to promote the integration of materials into transport systems to make them safer and more [...]

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Renewable energies: an opportunity for the Iberian Pole

The production model is changing at a global level towards a green economy based on renewable energies and the reduction of emissions, in accordance with the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal. In recent years, we have seen all the countries of the Iberian Pole join this race towards renewables, a sector in which [...]

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Mindtech in the words of its exhibitors & sponsors

The last edition of Mindtech in 2019 closed with more than 200 exhibitors and 21,500 visitors. Many of these exhibitors and the entities that collaborated in the setting up of what is already the reference industrial fair of the Iberian Pole shared their vision and experience about the relevance of this international meeting that [...]

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5 reasons to exhibit at Mindtech 2021

Metal Industry and Technologies International Trade Fair is the reference fair of the industrial sector of the Iberian Pole. It will hold its second edition in Vigo, from 15th to 17th June 2021. 1. The best opportunity to generate business After its successful first edition, with more than 200 exhibitors and 21,500 visitors, Mindtech has [...]

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Mindtech 2019, in figures

Metal Industry and Technologies International Trade Fair 2019 has closed its first edition with final figures that consolidate it as the reference fair of the industrial sector of the Iberian Pole. More than 20,000 visitors were able to enjoy the novelties of 215 exhibitors from 10 different countries at Mindtech 2019. A meeting in which, [...]

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First 3D Printing Helix with additive manufacture

The first 3d printing propeller, WAApeller ,  has been manufactured and tested in one of Damen tugboat.    L After a rigorous testing process verified by Bureau Veritas, the first propeller manufactured in 3D printing, WAAMpeller, has already been built and tested on one of the tugs in Damen, the Netherlands. This success [...]

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