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ANDI: representing Colombian companies at the Mindtech trade show

2 de March de 2022

The last edition of Mindtech had a strong international presence. The National Association of Colombian Businessmen (ANDI) is the most important business association in Colombia. They attended with their sectoral chamber Fedemetal and an important delegation of companies from the metal-mechanics, naval-maritime and aeronautics sectors.

What is your assessment of your participation in Mindtech?

The Colombian delegation’s participation was successful and they made good use of their participation in the fair.

What innovations did you present?

At the fair it was possible to appreciate the technological developments on display and the state of innovation in the sector.

What is your assessment of the trade fair at sector level?

The Colombian companies were able to establish important contacts for the future development of new suppliers, the supply of maintenance services and new commercial channels.

What are the companies that attended?

They were varied, within the metal-mechanical chain. The companies that attended included manufacturers of metal structures, forges, road fenders, shipyards, flat steel rolling mills, among others.

What trends in the sector can you anticipate?

The steel-metal-mechanical chain is the third largest in Colombia, accounting for more than 10% of the country’s manufacturing industry. Today it is joining the large international value chains and is therefore considered one of the leading sectors for the future reindustrialisation of the country.

What is your opinion of Asime’s work?

Excellent, today in the Colombian Chamber Fedemetal ANDI we consider them our allies and we hope to do many things with them in the future.